Dino Crisis 1 Main Characters

The Mission

Dr. Kirk, a research scientist working for the government, has been reported killed in a lab explosion. The government sends in an elite team to recover his work and find out what happened on the island where he was working.

Once there, the team quickly realises that something is very wrong. The island complex appears deserted, with evidence of violence everywhere.

One of their team, Cooper, has gone missing upon landing.

The Characters



An elite member of a special task force, Regina is a weapons specialist. She is excellent at handling all firearms. Modifying weapons is her hobby.

She is agile and excels at stealth actions. She analyses all situations and takes action based on her good judgment.



An experienced veteran working with Regina on this mission, Gail has developed an impressive reputation based on his icy judgment and strong will (despite having a girl’s name!). For Gail, procedure is everything, and the mission always comes first, which makes him the perfect team leader.



Rick is gifted with numerous special abilities including computer expertise, medical knowledge and heavy equipment/vehicle operation. He is humane and always puts his team members first. His compassion for friend and foe alike sometimes presents an obstacle to completing a mission.

Dr Kirk


Research scientist Dr Kirk was reported to have died in a lab explosion three years ago. Though young, Dr Kirk is an authority on energy technology. When the explosion occurred, he was experimenting with the ultimate clean energy known as ‘Third Energy’. This egocentric genius is totally focused on his research and doesn’t care how it might affect society. He is selfish, highly emotional and unable to separate wrong from right. He’ll stop at nothing to complete his research.

The Island


Ibis Island, in the fictional country of Borginia Republic, is where the team is sent for this mission.Very secluded, the island holds a secure complex that must be explored by the team as they try to find Dr Kirk and the details of his experiments. Once they land, they find themeselves under attack from creatures that have no business in this timeframe! How did they get there, and more importantly, can the team complete their mission AND survive long enough to find the island’s secrets?

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