Dino Crisis 3 Summary & Characters

Dino Crisis 3 is a survival horror video game for the Xbox. It is the third and final game in the series. Like the previous iterations of the Dino Crisis series, gameplay revolves around fighting dinosaurs. The action takes place in outer space, on a starship.

Unlike the first two installments of the Dino Crisis series, the enemies in the game are not real dinosaurs. Instead they are mutations created from the DNA of some dinosaur species.

Despite the series being ranked the #7 best-selling Capcom franchise in 2010, Capcom’s “VP of Strategic Planning and Business Development”, Christian Svennson, commented “Dino Crisis 3 went off the rails, if I recall”, but noted that “Dino Crisis comes up from time to time [in development meetings]”, though there wasn’t “any burning desire from R&D or the business side to light that franchise back up again”, citing the out-dated pre-rendered nature of the first two entries in the series.


Patrick Tyler Michael Yurchak – A member of S.O.A.R., Patrick Tyler’s strong sense of duty and natural charisma make him an asset to any operation. Trusted by the entire team, he boosts troop morale.

Sonya Hart Vanessa Marshall – Another member of S.O.A.R. Sonya’s cool and flawless actions make her appealing. Her single goal is completing missions.

McCoy Wally Wingert – Not much is known of him. Patrick and Sonya find him running towards them, asking about the other team member’s whereabouts. After he realizes he’s been drooled on, an Australis pulls McCoy into the air and throws him into the wall, killing him.

Jacob Ranshaw – Jacob Ranshaw leads S.O.A.R. His directness and bold decision-making abilities are critical to the operation. He’s a fanatic about the safety of his troops. He is inevitably killed by Regulus, after its fight with Patrick. Jacob sacrifices himself, using a grenade to kill Regulus, though it fails.

Caren Velasquez – Apparently the sole survivor of the mysterious dinosaur outbreak. She also worked as a patrol officer in one of the ships control hangars. Caren’s appearance is shrouded in mystery throughout the game. She is first discovered by Patrick and is later discovered to have several copies, mostly androids made by the M.T.H.R. However, it is discovered that she is in fact a human/dinosaur hybrid created by the M.T.H.R. During a battle Cebalrai, she sacrifices herself to save Patrick, by making it fall on a loose platform.

Captain Satoko Evans – The Captain of the Ozymandias. After the Ozymandias is affected with cosmic rays, the crew members began to die. During her last days she and the surviving crew members searched for animal DNA, and mixed it with their own. This was all by the captains orders to MTHR, who then conducted a cloning process.

M.T.H.R. (voiced by Jasmin Paul) A first generation AI used on space vessels. She is also the ship’s main computer system on board the Ozymandias. Since over 300 years have passed since meeting a human being, she has suffered a form of madness. She considers the dinosaur-like creatures to be her ‘children’, due to the fact that she created them

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