Dino Crisis Controls – PC

PC Keyboard

Up Arrow, Numpad 8 – Move forward, push objects

Down Arrow, Numpad 2 – Move backward

Left Arrow, Numpad 4 – Turn left

Right Arrow, Numpad 6 – Turn right

B – Change target

X – Aim, display room name on map

D – Turn 180°

F4, Z – Main menu

C – Confirm, investigate, attack

Esc, V – Cancel, run

F5, Ctrl – Options menu

F1, A – Pause

F7 – Toggle graphics filtering on and off

F8 – Toggle between windowed and full screen modes (Windowed game gains “always on top” status after doing this)

F9 – During game: exit to title screen; at title screen: close Dino Crisis

PC Joypad

Up – Move forward, push objects

Down – Move backward

Left – Turn left

Right – Turn right

Button 7 – Change target

Button 8 (hold) – Display room name on map, draw weapon and aim; you can attack while moving

Button 5 – Turn 180°

Button 3 – Main menu

Button 1 – Confirm, investigate, attack

Button 2 – Cancel, run

Button 6 – Options menu

Button ! – Pause

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