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    COMPSOGNATUS: In the cage of the Research Facility (where you encage the Compy).

    INOSTRANCEVIA: Entrance Passage of Eduard City.

    MOSASAURUS: Control Room of 3d Energy Facility (behind a Computer, near the safe point).

    TYRANOSASURUS REX: Table of the entrance of the Military Facility.

    PLESIOSAURUS: Elevator beforethe 3d Energy Facility.

    TRICERATOPS: After the video of David and the Raptors, before the part of the triceratops running after you.

    OVIRAPTOR: Hidden in a dead man and a jeep, near Robstons Store.

    PTERANODON: In a crashed Truck, before you use the 3d Energy key card.

    VELOCIRAPTOR: Al lado del save point del Water Tower.

    GIGANOTOSAURUS: Control Room of Missile Silo, behind the monitor of a Computer.

    ALLOSAURUS: Dead man in the bridge where you see the T. Rex.

    Please do not contact me for game help, that's what our forums are for. 🙂
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