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      Unlock Triceratops and Compsagnathus
      In Hard Mode the Triceratops and the Compsagnathus become available once you’ve purchased all the other dinosaurs for Dino Duel and Dino Coliseum.

      Unlock Dino Duel
      After you buy Rick, Gail and the Tank for the Extra Crisis games at the player Entry screen, you will get a new row of dinosaurs you can choose from. Use your Extinct points to buy dinosaurs and fight them in Dino Duel.

      Unlock The EPS Platinum Card (that means Unlimited Ammo!)
      Complete the game and collect all 11 Dino files. Once you’ve done that you can see the EPS Platinum card at the Save Screen. Now the next time you play the game you’ll have Unlimited Ammo. No longer will you have buy ammo or magazines.

      Unlock Dino Coliseum
      Beat the game one time to unlock the Dino Coliseum. Here you can fight against all of the dinosaurs found in the game in coliseum style pit fighting.

      Please do not contact me for game help, that's what our forums are for. 🙂
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