Dino Crisis 1 Weapons

Regina uses various weapons during her mission. We’ve listed these below, but you can find advice on equipping and using them in our forums (when we get to it!).

The Clock 34 uses 9mm Parabelum bullets and is manafactured by the Glock Company

Handgun Modified
The Glock 35 is a special version of the Glock 34. It uses both 9mm Parabelum and 40S&W bullets.

Shotgun (Model PA3)
A pump-action shotgun made by the L. Franchi Company

Anaesthetic Dart
Used for PA3 or SPAS12, these paralyse dinosaurs for a limited time, depending on the strength of each one.

Poison Dart
These are very powerful, and kill with just one shot.

Grenade Gun
Powerful weapon…complete all 3 endings, and you will be rewarded with infinate grenade bullets!

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